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I arrived in Los Angeles in 1998 almost immediately after receiving my MFA in Costume Design from the University of Texas in Austin. I knew I had to buy a plane ticket quickly after earning my degree and make a choice: Broadway the Hard Way or Hollyweird and everything it had to offer. With my love of rock n' roll, science fiction & horror movies, comic books and pop culture, I knew I belonged on the West Coast. My interest and love of special movie and creature effects served me well as I broke into the world I grew up only dreaming of working in. I have been fortunate to be hired by people who had created the effects in some of my favorite films. I also landed work in the world of puppets and stop motion animation and my horizons broadened further.

In 2000 I felt the calling to create something of my own and become a small business owner. I hung my shingle in the virtual world as Exquisite Restraint Corsets and jumped feet-first into the pre-Etsy world of DIY crafting boutique businesses. I knew I could make fashion forward custom corsets and offer a valuable service to different communities and subcultures.


I also call myself swimmer, knitter and producer. When not working in costumes, I am producing horror and Creepy Pasta shorts with my partner in love and art, Senior Staff Writer, Gregory Burkart. Stay tuned for more work from our Wurkart banner,




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